Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thursday Early Morning Paddle - 07/08/10

Launched at about 6:30 in the lower Wappingers creek.  It was about 75 deg and no wind.  On the way down the creek to the Hudson I past a group of 3 adult deer and 2 very young fauns eating water chestnuts from the creek.
I paddled across the Hudson and up the West shore to the Marlboro yacht club.  On the way up I entered a small creek under the railroad tracks and went about 1/2 mi upstream.  I came very close to a black capped night heron but didn't get my camera out in time for a picture.
I crossed back to the East shore at a diagonal to New Hamburg and back to the launch.
Total distance about 8 miles overall moving average 4.1 mph. No pictures this trip.

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