Friday, June 25, 2010

Moon Light Paddle - Cold Spring to Bannerman's Island - 6/24/2010

The following write up is from Herb Stein.  Herb has done this trip before and knows the names of the bays etc.  We had a good time but it turned out to be a fairly strenuous workout in the wind and waves.  Paddling by the full moon on the way back was great, especially before the wind and waves picked up again.

Here is a short clip of the paddle on the way up.

It was a very interesting and challenging paddle.
According to the Weather Channel the skies would clear (they did) and the
wind abate (it didn't) by 8PM.
We didn't realize how strong the wind & waves were when we left a little
before 7.  But once out on the river the wind was howling and whitecaps
were plentiful.  The bow was underwater after every 2nd or 3rd wave.  We
finally struggled into the lee of Little Stony Point.  Based on my
experience I told Mike there was no point in going further, if we had to
struggle to get where we were it would be impossible to advance into the
wind (from the nw) out in Cornwall Bay.  We waited in the calm lee until
just before sunset when the wind finally did abate and there were no more
We headed out to Bannerman's in a light chop and a pleasant breeze.  But by
the time we were halfway there the wind had picked up again and soon we
were pitching  thru the swells.  We made it into B's lee shortly after
sunset, had a drink, put out our running lights and headed back out into a
brilliant moonpath.  The first half of the trip was smooth, fast, and fun
but the following wind became a quartering wind and we were soon fighting
the swells to stay on track.  This was at its worst as we rounded Little
Stony Point where large waves were coming from almost every direction
except straight ahead.  But once we were in the lee of the Point the water
was calm again and we proceeded calmly to our take-ot at Cold Spring.
While passing the CS pier, a bystander yelled at us, "Hey, it's only 42
miles to Manhattan!"
"We'll be there by morning." I lied back.
We were on shore by 11:00.

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